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 Jazzi Memberships ft. Maria Montgomery

Jazzi Memberships ft. Maria Montgomery

Hair Mesotherapy Membership for only $185/month
(Including Sedation)

Your Beauty is Our Profession

Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine is located in Lexington, KY, and Philadelphia, PA. Founded by Fellowship Trained Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Ali Mohammad alongside his business partner Aljazi Aldosauri. Jazzi provides high-quality accessible medicine that focuses on combination therapy, with a holistic approach to treatment.

Aesthetic medicine is more than skin deep; numerous studies support the concept that looking your best equates to feeling your best. That’s why the Jazzi team listens to your concerns and makes a customized treatment plan that will guide you to your best self.

Jazzi is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of medical technology. If you’re searching for the best aesthetic services currently available, you’ll find them at Jazzi Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine. 

Top Laser Hair Removal Service in Lexington

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Lip Lift - Do I need one?

A Lip lift is an excellent surgical option to rejuvenate (make more youthful) the upper lip. Social Downtime after surgery is about 1 week for most patients. Lip Lift is a powerful way to both shorten the upper lip and increase lip fullness naturally.

Filler Up

Im Stephanie Mendoza, I am your very own surgical assistant here at Jazzi. I want to let you in on the beginning of my aesthetic journey and my subtle approach to to help myself have a more graceful aging process.

Phone (appointments): 404-800-9382 | Call Or Text (general inquiries): 215-999-6695

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