1. I have wrinkles in my forehead, what is the best treatment?

-Radiofrequency Microneedling to tighten the skin and Botox to stop the muscles from hinging and smooth the skin.

2. My lips are thin, can you tell me what filler I should get to restore my lip volume?

- Juvederm Volbella is a great filler to give a soft, natural plump to your lips.

3. My lips are thin, and I do not like the shape, could you tell me what filler is best for reshaping my lips?

- Juvederm Ultra is great for defining the shape and creating volume.

4. I have sun damage from being on the beach all summer. What do you recommend to get rid of the sun damage?

-A treatment plan with Ultrabright/advanced renewal power peels layered with TCA as well as CO2 laser resurfacing. Of course follow with consistent SPF use!

5. What are my post-procedure instructions after Botox?

- Botox can take up to 3 days to kick in and 3 weeks to take 100% effect. No laser treatments, Radiofrequency Microneedling, Chemical Peels or other mechanical treatments for 1 week after.

 6. What are my post-procedure instructions after chemical peel?

- Avoid touching or washing face and working out for 30 minutes. Frosting can last up to 12 hours and the surrounding skin can be red and sore for 24-48 hours. Scabbing may develop after 2-3 days and fall off after 3-7 days. Avoid retinoids, retinols and other vitamin-A products for 5 days pre-peel and 10 days post-peel. No toners or alcohol based products for 10 days. No abrasive exfoliants or scrubs on the face for 10 days (we don’t recommend harsh scrubs in general). Do not pick or scratch the skin as it peels. Wash skin as normal with a gentle cleanser and use liberal moisturizer. We also advise additional hydration and the use of physical SPF 30 or greater with any sun exposure for 10 days post peel and with excessive sun exposure (30 mins or more) for 30 days post-peel.

 7. What are my post-procedure instructions after RFMN?

- Redness and mild swelling for 1-3 days is common. The patient may apply an icepack for approx. 15 minutes 2-4 times a day to reduce swelling. Mix hibiclens 1:1 with shampoo (face) or body wash (body) for 3 days post-treatment. Avoid prolonged sun exposure or use of tanning bed for at least two weeks after treatment and use a minimum of SPF 30 daily to protect your skin after your treatment.It is important to keep your skin clean and moisturized after the treatment and avoid hot baths, massage, irritating skin care products or exfoliants, etc. for three days post-treatment. Tiny scabs (of less than 1 mm in diameter) may form 24-72 hours post treatment and may remain for several days. The scabs should not be touched or scratched and should be allowed to shed naturally.

8. How frequently should I get my Botox?

- Retreatment is recommended every 91 days but if a touch up is necessary it can be performed 2 weeks post procedure.

9. What are pre-procedure instructions prior to Botox?

- There is no prep required for botox. However, the skin should be clean and free of makeup. A topical numbing can be applied to reduce discomfort.

10. How frequently should I get radiofrequency microneedling?

- Radiofrequency microneedling treatments are spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

11. I had filler yesterday, Can I get CO2 today?

- Yes! We would recommend an ultra light round of CO2 laser resurfacing.

12. I need a neck lift but do not have the social downtime, what non-surgical treatments can I get instead that can help?

- Threads are a great non-surgical alternative requiring no social downtime. This procedure involves placing a medical-grade thread under the skin to create a lift or to smooth texture.

13. What is the best chemical peel for loose skin with a bad texture?

- We recommend a TCA peel or a Glycolic Power Peel.

14. Do we finance or provide payment plans?

- Yes! We allow you to finance your treatments/surgeries through Cherry. Please click the “Payment Plans” button in the menu above to apply.

15. I am an influencer, do you do collaborations or affiliate marketing?

- Yes! We offer an affiliate program where you will receive your own discount code for our online store where customers can purchase products or even their first month of membership. They will receive 10% off with your custom discount code and you will get 10% from every customer that uses the code. Please email wayne@世界杯官方合作网站.surgery to inquire.

16. My skin is dark, can I get Botox?

- Yes! Botox is suitable for all skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale.

17. My skin is dark, can I get chemical peels?

- Yes! If you’re unsure which peel is best for you, we recommend starting with a skin consultation. This will help us determine which type is the best for your skin specifically, but our approach is appropriate for all skin types.

18. I have ACNE, do you treat ACNE? Which treatment do you recommend?

- Yes! We recommend a salicylic acid power peel, TCA peel, or IPL blue! This should be followed by a homecare routine focused on controlling and reducing the cause of your acne.

19. My cheeks are not as high or prominent as they use to be. Which filler is best for cheeks?

- We recommend using Juvederm Voluma for cheek filler. It instantly adds volume beneath the surface of the skin to lift and contour your cheeks.

20. I have fullness under my chin and my skin is tight, can Kybella Help me?

- Yes! Kybella is intended to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat), also called the double chin. Tight skin is ideal for treatment.

21. I have fullness under my chin and my skin is loose, can Kybella help me? If not What can help me?

- Kybella is not designed for people who have excess skin or loose folds of skin on the neck. We would suggest radiofrequency microneedling to tighten the skin and a consultation could determine if you are a possible candidate for a thread lift or surgical neck lift.

22. I have thinning hair, but it is genetic can you still help me thicken my hair?

- Yes! We’d recommend hair mesotherapy. The earlier the better to start with the ideal treatment window being 1-5 years of thinning/loss.

23. How frequently should I be doing hair mesotherapy? Monthly or every other month?

- Hair mesotherapy can be performed 4-6 weeks.

24. What else do you also recommend for thinning hair?

- Latanoprost hair foam is also recommended and can be used in combination with hair mesotherapy. It works by mimicking prostaglandins that stimulate hair follicle activity, increasing hair density. Biotin is also recommended for all our patients.

25. I have stretch marks. Which treatment do you recommend? CO2 or Radiofrequency Microneedling?

- For stretch marks, CO2 and Radio Frequency are both great treatments. We believe in pairing the two treatments together for combination therapy as you will get faster and better results by treating multiple layers of skin at the same time!

26. Can I get CO2 laser resurfacing and Radiofrequency Microneedling during the same treatment session?

- Yes, you can! This is actually one of our most popular combination therapy treatments.

27. Can I get laser treatments during the summer?

- Yes, but patients should avoid prolonged sun exposure(more than 30 minutes) for 1 month after the treatment. and ALWAYS apply a physical spf of 30 or greater (which you should be doing everyday anyway!).

28. I have mixed skin (oily and dry at the same time) what does that mean?

- Another term for "combination" skin, characterized by mix of medium/large pores throughout t-zone/middle oval, areas of roughness on cheeks/outer face, thick skin on cheeks with thin skin around eyes and forehead, and a shiny t-zone. Oil production is focused in t-zone and skin will usually feel oily about 4 hours after cleansing.

29. What can I do from a skin care standpoint for mixed (combination) skin type?

- Combination skin often occurs from dehydrating oily skin so efforts to prevent trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) with toner use and moisturizing promptly after cleansing will help prevent dryness. Spot treat t-zone and areas of congestion with astringent and/or BHA exfoliant.

30. What do you recommend I do for mixed/combination skin type from an in office treatment standpoint?

- Layered Pro-Power Peels, TCA peels to regulate skin and oil production, and hydrafacials for circulation and unblocking clogged pores.

31. I tried CO2 but it hurt too much. What can you do for me to help me tolerate CO2?

- We can offer you numbing cream to help! If you decide CO2 laser resurfacing just isn’t for you, another great resurfacing option is getting a chemical peel.

32. I have skin cancer, can I get CO2? Will it help or hurt my odds of getting skin cancer?

- CO2 is great for treating and preventing skin cancer as it vaporizes the top layers of the skin!

33. What treatment do you recommend I combine with CO2 if I wanted a shorter social downtime?

- Combining Microneedling with PRP will shorten the downtime for CO2 by promoting healing at the deeper layers of the skin.

34. What treatment do you recommend I combine with CO2 if I wanted more tightening for my sagging problem?

- A combination of CO2 and radiofrequency will tighten sagging skin by promoting collagen production throughout multiple layers of the skin all at one time!

35. I have ACNE scars. Can you tell me the treatments and the order of treatments I should get? From most to least effective?

- Radiofrequency microneedling, CO2 laser resurfacing, PRP microneedling, microneedling, TCA peel, Dermalogica Power Peel.

36. I have ACNE scars and want to combine treatments. What do you recommend, can you give me two combination options?

- Radiofrequency microneedling & CO2 laser resurfacing or radiofrequency microneedling & PRP microneedling.

37. I am on a vitamin A derivative, Retinol. When should I stop using it in my skincare routine before a treatment?

- It is recommended that use of these products should be stopped at least 5-7 days before treatment. It is also important to note that you should avoid heavy sun exposure before and after being treated. You can return to using these products 1 week after treatment.

38. I need a facelift. What kind of facelift do you do?

- We always perform deep plane facelifts, the specific type/area needing lifting will be determined during a consultation.

39. Do you have a membership for botox? and what is it?

- We do have a VIP injectables membership which allows you to "bank" your $100 monthly payments towards botox or filler. The membership gives access to our exclusive member pricing which will significantly reduce your cost!

40. I have under eye dark circles. But I do NOT want Hylauronic Acid filler. Can you fill the void there with something else?

- We do not inject any kind of permanent filler but can also perform a fat transer for longer-lasting results!

41. How long should I wait after sutures are removed to fade my scar?

- We recommend waiting at least a week but it depends on the strength of the wound.

42. Do you do Pro Bono Surgery? What surgeries?

- Yes, Cleft lip and palate, biopsies and scar revision are the main pro bono surgeries we do. Get in touch with breanne@世界杯官方合作网站.surgery to send us your info and to ask for other operations.

43. How do I qualify for Pro Bono Surgery

- No Qualification needed. No financial questions asked.

44. After kybella, should I use a compression dressing/wrap?

- No, you should allow the swelling to reduce naturally.

45. I want to get botox but I am afraid my body will become immune to botox and then I will need more. Is that true?

- This is untrue! When our patients stick to the 91 day treatment schedule and receive therapeutic doses, they tend to need LESS botox over time.

46. What are the postop instructions for botox?

- Avoid lying down for 4 hours. Avoid massaging or icing the area. Avoid wearing makeup for 24 hours. Avoid flying within 48 hours. The raised areas from the BOTOX injections can be visible for a few hours postinjection. Patients will start seeing results of the BOTOX within three to seven days; however, it can take up to three weeks for full results to be seen. A touch-up may be necessary and can be performed after two weeks. Retreatment with BOTOX is recommended every 91 days.

47. What kind of Botox do you guys use?

- We use the original Botox Cosmetic made by Allergan. There is only one brand name of botox.


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