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Anti-Racism Action Plan

A note from our Chairman, Shaun Woodward:

"As part of our ongoing commitment by the LAMDA Board to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, we have worked extensively and collaboratively to develop this refreshed Anti-Racism Action Plan. The Board remains totally committed to continuing to advance the work on anti-racism and to ensuring LAMDA will continue to be an inclusive and welcoming institution to all.

This action plan builds on the significant earlier work undertaken by the whole LAMDA community – many strands of which, have been advanced in the assigning of roles to key staff, and which therefore are already well underway.

The Board anticipates creating a new Senior Management role of Director of Equalities, Access and Participation towards the end of the year, which will lead the organisation by strategically ensuring LAMDA will drive forward this important initiative in the context of our commitment to advancing EDI broadly.

By addressing these vital issues, we are focused on uniting everyone within LAMDA and the wider industry, by providing clear benchmarks and high-level goals, which represent those major areas in which LAMDA can continue to progress effectively the ongoing strategy to generate a sector-leading culture of anti-racism."

Read LAMDA's Anti-Racism Action Plan

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Access and Participation Plan

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LAMDA Student Guide to Direct Loans from the US Department of Education

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Corporate policies

Fundraising Due Diligence 

We adhere to the Institute of Fundraising’s current Code of Fundraising Practice and to Charity Commission guidelines. Complaints or queries should be addressed to the Director of Development. 

Conflicts of Interest

This Conflicts of Interest Policy applies to all Trustees of LAMDA, the Directors of LAMDA Enterprises, and all LAMDA Staff Members. For conflicts of interest relating to LAMDA Examinations and for LAMDA Examiners specifically, please refer to the Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure for LAMDA Examinations. 


This policy sets out LAMDA's position on fraud, and the responsibilities for its prevention and detection. It is designed to ensure that all suspected or actual fraud is promptly reported, investigated and dealt with, in order to protect the finances and resources of LAMDA.  


This Anti-Bribery Policy should be read in conjunction with LAMDA’s other policies, particularly the grievance and disciplinary procedures, Anti-fraud policy, Whistleblowing Policy and Conflicts of Interest Policy. 


LAMDA is committed to ensuring the safety of children, young people and vulnerable adults. We have adopted the following Safeguarding Policy to ensure that we are doing everything in its power to ensure the safety and protection of all those participating in our work as a drama school.


LAMDA's Privacy Notice sets out the ways in which we collect and use personal information in connection with our business. The Data Retention Policy serves as an appendix to the Privacy Notice, and describes the kinds of data which LAMDA stores, and the length of time for which they will retained.